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John Parker, who owned Cambridge Racket Stringing Service before retiring, has been stringing rackets for over thirty years. As contract stringers we have strung hundred of thousands of rackets (yes, sometimes upwards of 2,000 a week) for the likes of Carlton, Dunlop, Slazenger, Prince, Pro-kennex, Yonex, Wilson and suchlike. We offer the same level of unqualified and unmatched excellence to racket players from Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Cambridge. With years of experience in the most demanding of materials (natural gut) we undertake the jobs which other racket stringers tend to shy away from. Over thirty years of knowhow and experience mean you are in safe hands.
Using a completely custom-built machine (which is unique) to string your rackets, we look forward to being able to attend to your requirements.
Please be aware that there are thousands of different types of racket string available, but all of them can be ordered as required, so if it is not in stock it is a phone call away.
About Natural Gut...

Natural Gut is delicate stuff, and to make racket strings from the intestines of cows is a costly and expert business. But it's worth it. Gut strings are very popular among professional players because of its elasticity, tension stability and liveliness. It is not very durable and is also very sensitive to moisture.
About Nylon, Polyester & Kevlar, Multifilament and Textured Strings...

Nylon is a good all-around string category. This is the basic, and most popular string in tennis. It also happens to be one of the cheapest. It has a crisper feel compared with Multi-filaments. It is good, but not as gentle on the arm as Multi-filament or Gut. It's reasonably durable and holds tension well. A good category of string when you're looking for power and control.

Multifilament is the top category after Natural Gut. Best overall playability, gentle on the arm, but punishing to your opponent. The fraying (as they wear) may annoy some people. It holds tension fairly well. It is the second most expensive string after gut. A good category of string when you're looking for arm friendly, power and control.

Polyester & Kevlar is the durability category; the choice for hard hitters, string breakers, and people without arm problems. Expect harsher hits (very harsh with Kevlar) with above average control. Kevlar (aramid fiber) is extremely durable and holds tension very well, but I would never recommend it as the only string in your racket - hybrid use only. Polyester has much more playability. It's use is not limited to hybrid applications like Kevlar, and it holds tension fairly well. This is a good category of string when you're looking for maximum durability and control.

Textured Strings are the strings that have an added raised band to give the string texture. The idea of the this texture, is to produce more spin on the tennis ball. Other strings such have tiny grooves that give the string more texture.
About Tension...

All players know what tension they like to have their rackets strung to, but generally the main consideration with tension is how long does is last. The tighter you have your racket strung the less durable it is. Some players like it tight and others less tight. We do whatever you wish.
What does it cost?

Championship Natural GutNylon/Synthetic Badminton £25£12
Squash £30£14
Tennis £40£16
Raquetball - yes we do them, they are the same price as the squash rackets.

All other string prices on request. Specially requested strings take 2-3 days to be delivered.
Can I have it done today?

The only way you can find that out is by getting in touch... but generally we can turn things around within a couple of days, if we have the required string in stock.
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